Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Cause no Coincidence

Responsibility was too early to come at a 19 years of age. Enjoying a greater autonomy running the family business, while registered as an engineering student in collage. Control seemed easy, when the sense of responsibility was cultured at a young stage, moving from a homeland with no perogative and no control on an unfolding life at making by parents and destiny. The sense of responsibility at a greater rate in certain ages, self indulgences and likes also take place, eventually a balance is achieved at a certain corner stone of life, while past experiences become the light that sheds on hidden maybe dangerous unknown experiences to come.
Mandi was enthusiastic, romantic and powerful young man, with excellent dictation, good command of several languages and good looks. Interaction and manipulation was an art to be mastered as years passed by.
The genuine attitude and the ability to convince was rooted in the innate connection to nature at a young age. Mandi spent a childhood that was enriched by contact with pigeons and domesticated animals, spending time watching how they interact with each other, even in the dark cold nights Mandi took the time to check on his little animal kingdom.

On a lay over for ten hours in late march to Cairo, an old companion who shared so much with Mandi shows up at the door steps of the hotel, Mandi was to stay for 10 hours till the plane takes off to the mother of the middle east Egypt. As Mandi and his friend walk out Mandi sees Rajah, she was one Sudanese girl that Mandi liked, a hug and a long emotional pause, it was a long time since Mandi saw Rajah. it was such a happy moment in a city of 20 million people, Mandi was so surprised at the timing, such a short notice and crowded streetsand timing, all of this boggled Mandi's mind. Rajah was in the area to meet with her fiance Nadir, he happened to have an office facing the hotel that Mandi occupied, "Lets go see my Fiance Nadir" says Rajah, the three walk in to Nadirs building to an office space, the door opens to a big office where Nadir was sitting. Greetings exchanged, tea served, and past times stories told, expectations expressed, questions about the future exchanged, there was a sense of fear in Nadir and Rajah, an unknown future with no safety net, it sounded like they would like to move out of where they are now to another unknown.

Mandi and his company left after hugs and kisses and exchanges of contact numbers and addresses, it was such a nice surprise to see friends again.
Stopping by the fast food restaurant near by. The cue was long, and there was this young lady front of Mandi, blond, as she turns her head, she comes face to face with Mandi, there she screams his name. She was a fellow student from collage who hang out at the union with Mandi at times it was another pleasant surprise.

While spending time with Company at the airport lounge, Mandi decided to take a slow walk to the check counter of the airliner, apparently time has passed and Mandi was called over the mega phone but he did not hear it, he was busy with his dear company. He runs to pick his boarding pass, the airline attendant expresses her positive attitude that there was still time for Mandi to board the plane. He was the last passenger to board, as he walked the aisle of the 737 towards his seat, a voice from the middle of the aircraft calling his name whispering, "Mandi, Mandi ", it was another friend who happened to be visiting his home town in Gaza Strip on vacation through Cairo.

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